Dumb Run mod for Android



DASH as fast as you can in this #1 endless runner game! Dumb Run pushes your skills to the limit as you jump, roll and dash your way through uncharted territory.

Join the tribe of prehistoric hunters trapped in the center of an ever changing deadly maze. Run for the future of your tribe through dangerous passages and spiky obstacles. With crisp touch controls, unpredictable courses and an incredible sense of speed, this new action platformer is completely irresistible. Choose your runner, use the ‘RUSH’ button wisely, and race the clock to escape now!

Game Features:
– Lots of levels with unique soundtracks in Adventure mode
– Challenge yourself or your Google+ friends in Arena mode
– Colorful and vivid HD graphics
– Multiple characters and well designed crazy power-ups


Information and Requirements




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  1. Bertho

    Tiger please mod this,,,
    Robotek 2.6.9
    » size : 8,8 MB
    » DL :
    » CHPlay :

    1. Tiger (Post author)

      You can download it here

  2. bertho

    klik on blue box
    “???????” = Download

  3. bertho

    that’s 2.8.6 can’t open on my armv6 Tiger,,,
    I request 2.6.9 tested OK,,,
    if U can’t mod this
    would you play others mod version on your phone make it full cash then,,,
    I wanna ask U to copy the save folder under sdcard/android/”com.robotek,,,”(this folder) & upload it please,,,

    1. Tiger (Post author)

      Just wait. I am modding it. It will be available to download soon

    2. Tiger (Post author)

      See here to download

  4. bertho

    thanks Tiger it works unlimited energy to play,,,
    but I confuse are U already unlocked the skill upgrade to max?,,,
    on exp point 27000
    I can’t added skill point on weapon,,,
    when I play on normal apk
    it can add klik example for tankbot armor 1 or 2 points experience and more,,,
    but this mod only shown “—”
    is this means U has mod to max upgrade???,,,

  5. bertho

    here screenshot for point upgrade but not from my phone just the part I means,,,
    U see “—-” klik will raise to “1”
    if there point exp
    U mod the point to 27000
    but can’t klik to add it no change is any error or U have make it maximum?,,,

    1. Tiger (Post author)

      maybe the modded version only works on power, not on coins i guess
      so that means you cannot use coins to upgrade things
      plus, the max coins of this game is about 2700 coins
      that’s what I know

  6. bertho

    is this same thing on your phone?,,,
    I have try 10 city win but still can’t klik plus the skill only that’s the problem?
    become hard to play each level,,,
    can U remod Tiger please
    (if U try decrease amount of coin example 250
    still can’t increase skills
    please don’t mod skill point let it normal just mod only the power unlimited)
    so it still can upgrade manual by the gameplay OK please,,,

  7. bertho

    Tiger for Robotek I waiting remod if skill cannod upgrade please let it normal don’t mod that part just mod the power only,,,
    here I found again other game please check
    » Dinosaur Slayer 1.3.10
    (tested work latest ver)
    »DL :

  8. bertho

    Tiger are U still busy bro?,,,
    how is it?,,,
    2nd game I reach stage 150th manualy without mod

    1. Tiger (Post author)

      i cannot mod this game but there is a game that you can try. click here to download

  9. bertho

    OK no problem,
    actually the game easy to play,,,
    for dragon hunter U given
    I already have long time ago
    same game like this,
    BRB if I found others,,,

  10. bertho

    Tiger U know about old java games on nokia phone?
    so many good games it was,,,
    is there a way U can convert,create & put touchscreen controler pad into
    “apk” version to play on android without emulator so more easy
    I can provide site for “jar” files,,,
    as example I get some apk already,,,
    (avatar.apk,ghost recon.apk,batman dark rise.apk) tested on my phone,,,

  11. bertho

    nevermind if complicate,,,
    it’s need specific screen each convert except multiscreen,,,
    BTW TIGER \(`O`)/
    ***happy new years 2017!!!***


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