How to install 2 apps/games parallel?


Have you guys ever asked a question that how to install and run, at the same time, 2 apps or games on your device?

Today I am going to write an instruction of how to do that. This may be very helpful to help you sign into 2, or even more, accounts of social networks such as Facebook, Line, Viber, etc. or 2 of your online game accounts such as Clash of Clan, Vainglory, etc. There is just a few easy steps.


  • You are using a device which has 4.0.3 or higher of the Android version.
  • 512 MB of minimum RAM.
  • Dual core of CPU and 1GHz in processing speed, or higher.
  • This doesn’t require root access so you do not need to root your device.

How to install 2 apps/games parallel?

  1. Download and install Parallel Space?Multi Accounts.
  2. Run the app and wipe to skip the introductions.
  3. Click on the sign “+” on the main screen of the app, then choose your apps or games that you want to add one more account.
  4. Open the game chosen (in Parallel Space?Multi Accounts mode), sign into your account, enjoy!
  5. Everything is done! There is a game/app in your menu and one in the Parallel Space?Multi Accounts. Now you can use 2 accounts at the same time.


  • You can create a shortcut of the apps/games which have been paralleled into your home screen so that they are easy to be launched.
  • There is not all games/apps can be paralleled because this depends on your space of memory.


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