Highway Traffic Rider mod for Android



Highway Traffic Rider is a fast paced superbike racing game with high-speed adrenaline-fueled driving you’ve never experienced before!
Ever wanted to feel how to rush on a highway with a fast motorcycle? In Highway Traffic Rider you can safely enjoy the feeling!

– 12 different motorbikes with realistic 3D cockpit view.
– First person motorbike driving experience.
– Realistic motorbike handling.

– Incredible 3D graphics even on low-end devices.
– Weather simulation.
– 15 different environments to ride in every time you play
– Heart-thumping music and outstanding audio experience.

– Ride on the highway in rush hour traffic in One-Way Mode.
– Race in oncoming traffic in Two-Way Mode.
– Run from the police in the epic Police Chase Mode.

– Overtake traffic vehicles
– Tilt or touch to steer
– Perform wheelies for maximum reward
– Tap brake to slow down

– The faster you drive the more rewards you get
– Performing wheelie gives you higher scores
– Overtaking cars closely increases your combo and gives extra scores
– Driving in opposite direction in two-way mode gives extra scores
– The amount of cash earned depends on score, highest combo and overall wheelie time

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???? Please rate it to support regular updates and give us your honest feedback to make the game even better!
? Highway Traffic Rider is the one of the best 3D traffic racing games. Please give us a positive rating and a honest review to inspire us creating game updates faster with lots of new bikes, improved traffic simulations, new 3D locations and more fun game modes!

This app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app.

Please ride safe on the roads and enjoy crazy driving in Highway Traffic Rider!

Highway Traffic Rider is an original product of ZIPZAP GAMES.


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  1. bertho
    1. Tiger (Post author)

      it seems hard to mod. i need time to look into it

  2. bertho

    sure i’ll wait no problem,
    if my other apk request before can mod please check it again Tiger, because only that game working on my ARMv6
    now they are so rare to get one

    1. Tiger (Post author)

      which ones do you mean?

  3. bertho

    Tiger may you work this out
    if you have time
    (don’t matter how long you will done it I will wait for the post)

    note : this need ported from armv7 into armv6 first after that modded it for cash & crystall

    alien hive 2.1.0 CHPlay
    (normal version)
    DL Link :

    long time ago i DL (ported armv6 version already of this 2.1.0) on a site but now file have been deleted,
    it working fine
    only music must turn off because it distort
    sound sfx no problem
    but it without mod cash

    so only an expert like you must know how to modded this 🙁

  4. bertho

    that file have gone i can’t found anywhere places,
    latest version alien hive you post
    on dlmod.com i have try but can’t play as usually blank for a while then forcing close,
    please help provide for
    “armv6 version” because this game so nicely addictive

    1. Tiger (Post author)

      I also have tried to search the version of this game for armv6 devices but there is no result.
      I also tried importing from armv7 to v6 but failed.
      I can only mod it once i get the apk, of course for armv6 devices. Sorry

  5. bertho

    Tiger how to hide link on comment?
    what code should I type?

    1. Tiger (Post author)

      [url=http://bertho.lol]displaying text[/url]

  6. bertho

    test link

  7. bertho

    where the mistake \(?_?)>?

    1. Tiger (Post author)

      i forgot. you must do like this: first type you word(s) which will display, then select them, and finally click on “link” button >> done!

  8. bertho

    test B Here

  9. bertho

    from where that tab come up?
    no such thing on comment box
    but why now my link can hiding
    i become dizzy

    1. Tiger (Post author)

      Cuz i have just edited it. Lol

  10. bertho

    for alien hive that ported to armv6 i neither found that apk
    it’s has been 3 years ago i get in some place but for sure it’s 2.1.0
    nevermind forget that it just a game (T-T)


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