Lucy In The Sky Of Diamonds mod Gems and Tickets for Android



Lucy in the sky of diamonds is a free endless jumping game dedicated to the great era of the 80’s. Filled with numerous hidden Easter eggs of iconic pop cultural references that defined millions of childhood experiences and memories. Go as high as you can and discover all the hidden cultural references.

Lucy in the sky of diamonds is a free endless game where you have to jump as high as you can to keep your dream alive. The longer you dream, the weirder it gets.

Explore and marvel at the strange worlds and angry obstacles you face such as giant boulders and prehistoric sharks.

Marvel at the gorgeous jungle, sky and space levels and jump as high as possible.

Dash through the bonus levels to collect loads of points.


Enemies -Angry giant boulders, Jellyfish minions, Talking cats, Flying frogs, Gigantic sharks etc

Obstacles – breaking ice platforms, poisonous apples and many more.

Worlds – Jungle, Sky and Space to explore


Character customization – Allows you to do a make over of your character.

New Power Ups

New enemies such as ninjas, zombies, furious vines and many more.


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