You Sunk – Submarine Game mod Coins for Android



You are captain of a submarine on a secret mission behind enemy lines.

Your mission is to:
– Sink all battleships
– Don’t sink friendly ships
– Avoid enemy torpedoes

– 5 types of weapons:
– Torpedo
– Auto guiding torpedo
– Auto guiding rocket
– Electro-magnetic impulse
– Nuclear rocket
– 3 types of enemy boats and additional friendly boat
– 3 different time settings: Night, Dawn, Day
– Upgrade armor shield of your submarine and upgrade speed of your torpedoes

Defeat your enemies and win the war!


Information and Requirements




Download link


  1. bertho

    Thank U 🙂

  2. hioasakura

    Thanks tiger

  3. bertho

    Tiger I wanna note for everyone for sunk submarine…

    *if game play with online
    (network turn on)
    it download additional chartboost
    for score about 77kb
    it’s okey no wrong at all

    *but the problem is
    if play offline condition
    (network turning off)
    it will appears 2 download notes
    on phone notification bar on right top screen
    lined with battery signal clock
    each time we play & exit the game
    and it won’t dissapear even we restart the phone

    solution :
    to make it dissappears

    -open phone “setting”
    -then open “aplication manager”
    -select tab show “all apk”
    on phone (it will show everything
    gmail,camera,data processing,games that installed,etc)
    -find “download management”
    (there will be 2
    “download” & “download management”)
    -choose “download management”
    stop the apk process & delete the data
    -the download note on top will be gone normally
    -do this each time play the game only
    if not it always increase 2/4/6/8 notes again

    or if U connect online again
    it will gone by it self

    don’t worry the game is save
    only uploading high score
    not need to factory reset U’r phone

    wish this will help
    thanks 🙂

    1. Tiger (Post author)

      yea thank you very much for the information 😉

  4. Mark

    Pls shadow fight 2


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