GUNSHIP Glory: BATTLE on EARTH mod for Android



The gunship battle has began and the gunship battle will be won by brave people


It was all along a trap! The Aliens sent you to Planet Illum on purpose. By diverting you, they have removed the only threat they were facing. Now they are planning a full scale assault on Earth. You and your GUNSHIP need to come back and battle these aliens once and for all. Its time to save our homeland!

Its time for a Counter Strike! This is the last war. THE FINAL BATTLE! Its do or die, Its now or NEVER! Forward to VICTORY!!

1. Full HD Retina Display Graphics
2. Various jets to drive
3. Dozens of weapons to Shoot from
4. 50 Levels to battle
5. 5 Terrorities to be neutralized
6. 100s of enemies to engage with
7. 10 Deadly Bosses to counter



Information and Requirements




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