Ninja Rush Zombie Predator Unlimited Gold for Android



—Various scenes: Sakura Strasses, bamboo forest, night scenes, sky. ALL the scenes are free to run and battle. Different scenes bring you new game experience.
—Slay different kinds of zombies: Face the different zombies with their unique features and lookings. Slay them with your katana and ?Ninjutsu?. There are also heavily armed BOSS in game, challenge them for better reward!
—Play 40 levels in the story mode! Complete over hundred missions in level! You can also try the Endless mode to create new world record!
—Three different characters to control. Unlock new powerful characters: A deft Ninja girl or a Armed ancient hero?
—Beautiful graphics bring a great game experience. Get into the Ninja world and see all the Ninja’s elements in game.
—Power up your character! Collect gold in game to upgrade your character! It will give you more life, scores addition and gold addition!
—Game is easy to control. Whatever you are good at game or not, you can always enjoy yourself!
Download now and play as the best ninja!


? Various characters and demons bring rich game substance
? Smooth game control experience
? Nice optimized, running well on old devices
? Keep updating new levels and game modes. Pets, weapon and Grade mode will come soon
? Beautiful aesthetics style. Enjoy the different ninja world.
? Tutorial is easy and exhaustive, make sure every player can know how to play
? Combine running and action game, makes game full of fun


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